​Which is better for a pet, a male or a female? 
Male or female, both can be loving and friendly and make a wonderful pet, there's not one sex that is better than the other. Males and females are both very easy to train and both have great personalities & temperaments.  If you are worried about "leg lifting," don't be - most males that are neutered when they are young never "learn" to lift their legs when they potty.  The action of lifting the leg is to mark territory.  When a male dog is neutered, the drive for this action is drastically reduced.  

​What is the best way to potty train? 
We find that CRATE TRAINING is the best way to potty train. Puppies naturally seek out a place for sanctuary and seclusion. Puppies are clean, and do not want to soil their beds. The crate training process works because of their natural instinct for cleanliness. Keep the crate clean and cuddly; give the puppy a few toys to occupy his time. 

​Can we see the parents? 
Our family has been raising puppies for over 25 years.  At our home we focus on starting potty training and furthering each puppy's socialization with a very active family environment.   4puppypaws.com is a subsidiary of Rex Possehl 484552.  As such, we do not have the parents on site.  

​At what age are we allowed to take a puppy home with us?   
Puppies are usually weaned by 5-6 weeks depending on the breed of puppy.  The puppies then have another 3+ weeks to socialize without their mom, and to make sure there are no problems with their food, etc.  As a general rule, the earliest puppies are able to go to their new homes is approximately 8-9 weeks or longer, depending on the needs of the puppy.  Because we care about the puppies we spend time with, we will always think of their well-being first, and reserve the right to decline the adoption of a puppy to a family, should it seem that the process may not be beneficial to both the puppy and/or the family. 

​Will you meet us with the puppy? 
We are willing to meet for a small fee, to help cover costs of delivery.  We are limited to certain meeting dates/times as well, and meetings will have to be scheduled in advance.  We prefer to show the puppies at our home, as this is the most natural setting for the puppy, and will be best for you to decide if the puppy will fit into your family.  Please note that we will not wait all day in parking lot as it is not good for the puppies.

​What are your hours? 
We do not have "hours", the puppies are in our home, so they are viewable by appointment time only. Contact us with the time that you were hoping to come meet the puppies.  We would love to meet you!

​Will you hold a puppy without a deposit? 
We no longer hold any puppies without a deposit.  This is for the good of the puppy.  If we hold a puppy without a deposit for a period of time, and you change your mind, it is possible that someone else who was interested may no longer have the opportunity to see if the puppy would fit in their family.  One other note - we can only hold the puppy for a few days - no longer than a week unless otherwise previously agreed upon.

​Is the deposit refundable? 
All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed upon.  The deposit will go towards the purchase price of the puppy.  However, if you wish to transfer the deposit to hold a different puppy, we can assist you with this. 
​Can I get the sale pricing on my puppy? 
Sale pricing is not valid on previously purchased puppies.  There are many factors that determine if a  puppy is on sale.  At the time of your purchase, those factors were not applicable if your puppy was not on sale.

​Will you allow us to return the puppy for any reason? 
We offer a return policy if the puppy has a congenital defect that was not located and documented by our vet at time of sale following proper documentation and procedures under the MN Pet Lemon Law Statute 325F.791.    Unfortunately, due to many exposure factors that are outside of our control, we cannot accept a return for any other reasons (including allergies, change of circumstances for living situations, training issues, etc).   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
​Will you email or call me in the (spring/summer, fall, winter, etc) when you get the next litter? 
The quick answer to this is we can't.  This is not intended to be rude, but we do not know what or when our next litter of puppies will be available past a certain period of time.  We apologize for any inconvenience in this regard.

​How are the puppies with other pets, like cats or dogs? 
Puppies seem to do just fine in homes with cats or dogs, being they are young and very open to new things. The bigger worry is how the cat or dog will except the new puppy. Usually if the cat is older it takes sometimes a week for him/her to get over the new addition, sometimes it can be longer, depending on your cat.  Older dogs will usually take to a puppy right away, and may even "act" like a puppy again, but as with all animals, each one reacts differently.

​Do you take checks if we have high numbered checks? 
Unfortunately, due to a few bad checks, we no longer accept checks for payment.  We will be happy to take Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. 

Do you ship your puppies? 

We will not ship the puppies, ever.   We want you to meet your puppy, before committing to years of love and caring for this family member. We are willing to meet for those who live in the upper Midwest, based on weather, schedules, etc.   We do encourage you to come to our home and meet the puppy, so you get the true personality of the puppy, after a car ride and being in a strange place to meet, they may not show you their true selves.

​Is the puppy spayed or neutered? 
We do not spay or neuter any of our puppies.  This is a personal decision for you and your pet.  That being said, we highly recommend having your pets spayed or neutered.

​Should I Microchip my puppy? 
If your puppy ever got out of the house the microchip will help for him/her to be returned to you.  The microchip consists of a tiny tube (the size of a large grain of rice) that is inserted under the skin. The process is very quick, cheap, and painless. It carries a number in it that will identify the owner by name and address. If interested please let your vet know when you visit with your puppy.